Richmond Ghosts

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Richmond Ghost Tour - Unearthing Echoes of Eternity
Peel back the layers of time and uncover tales of murder, mayhem, and tragedy, all while immersing yourself in the secret histories concealed in Richmond's shadows. From the Powhatan Confederacy to contemporary grim accounts, authoritative guides recount events that forged this cherished River City, giving birth to the very real Richmond Ghosts.
Richmond is where the fire of revolution was ignited. St. John’s Church saw Patrick Henry breathe life into the dream that kindled the flame of rebellion across the 13 United States. Here, Benedict Arnold and Thomas Jefferson etched their marks on history.
Yet Richmond also harbors villains, murderers, and rogues—spirits that roam its streets, each with their unique tales of dread and intrigue. Join Richmond Ghosts on a journey through Shockoe Bottom, home to ancient, haunted structures, tunnels, and grounds. These stories are rooted in historical accounts, local lore, and eyewitness testimonies. Prepare to be both thrilled and chilled by a myriad of paranormal phenomena.
Stroll through history's pages—Colonial eras, Civil War chaos, and the unfeeling industrial revolution. Feel the shadows of the slave trade's haunting history and hear tales that seep into your very marrow. From the roaring 20s to the decadent 70s and beyond, our tour presents chilling tales of eras past and macabre modern echoes that linger on Richmond's streets. We're dedicated to providing you with the most precise and up-to-date insights into Richmond's haunted history and ongoing paranormal intrigue.

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
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